Look Forward and Let Yourself be Happy

I write a daily journal, at least on most days. I used to write the journal at night, at the end of the day, but all I would do is mull over what went wrong. I would worry if she was really angry at me or just tired, if I could have done better in that meeting, that I was a failure for not finishing something early.

Instead of a healthy digestion of what happened, I would beat myself up.

I would pound away at all the things that I thought I had done wrong. I did a lot of good things, a lot of bad things, and all I would do is sit down and obsess over the mistakes.

If you had an abusive coach like that, would you fire them? I would. I did.

I still write a daily journal, but I do it in the morning. I look forward, and that's everything. I start in the morning. I coach myself forward. I let myself look at what to look forward to.

You are coaching yourself every day. Why would you hire an abusive coach?

The mean coach shows up in the evenings every now and then, but I remind myself that I fired him and send him on his way.

Coach yourself to recognize the great wealth of health, life, friendship, family, and happiness that is right at your fingertips. Let yourself recognize it, to spend your one, crazy life reveling in it.

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