A Reading List

Physical diet and exercise affect your body. Mental diet and exercise affect your mind. Both are foundational.

Here's my current mental diet, most of which is serious. I also love cat videos and cuddling in the late afternoon sun, but that's a different list for a different time.

What's also notable is what's not here: Daily news, magazines, and other forms of information junk food.

Sharing these ideas makes my brain feel naked in public. Some of the ideas may offend you. Maybe at least try considering the idea? You don't have to agree. I don't agree with plenty of the ideas I've found here. A good starting point is an essay on exactly this topic: What You Can't Say:

... because it's good for the brain. To do good work you need a brain that can go anywhere. And you especially need a brain that's in the habit of going where it's not supposed to.

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I generally have a hard time with "self-help", but these were pretty good:

Credit to Startup Boy for several of the books on this list.

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