Melbourne Layover

Fun Facts:

  • If your layover in Australia is over 8 hours, you must have a visa. 
  • You are not told this while booking your flight.
  • I had a 9 hour layover in Melbourne.
  • I did not have a visa while checking in for my flight through Australia.
  • You can get a visa while checking in for your flight.

So yeah, I now have a visa to visit Australia for the next year. Woo!

When I landed in Melbourne airport with 9 hours to kill, I almost checked out and napped. I almost rationalized it by telling myself "I'll visit Melbourne properly some other time, a few hours isn't enough." You can't always trust your subconcious, your basal ganglia. That is where fear and complacency lives. I only have so many heartbeats, and I don't intend to waste any of them.

Melbourne is really, really, really lovely. The downtown is packed with side arcades, tree-line boulevards, glass skyscrapers, and victorian train stations. And there's new construction all over the place. San Francisco, with it's self-denial around construction, could take a hint or three.

I walked all over the river parks, through downtown, and bought a couple of travel shirts that were on sale that fit wonderfully.

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~*sim*~ said...

YES. amazing. my turning 30 bang in the middle of dissertation crunch time is making it hard to look back on my 20s or wish ahead for my 30s -- and also hard to just live in the present except in a state of writerly neurosis -- but i would like to hope that my 30s are characterized by MORE opportunity-grabbing and less falling asleep on the couch at 10pm. check me in 5 years.