Hoofing it to Mueller Hut.

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After a brief day hike, we spent the night in a hostel and then headed up a brutal climb to Mueller Hut.

In the heat of the day, we went basically straight up for 3 hours. 1.8k steps followed by an equal distance of loose rock. Very, very hard work and it was outside the comfort range of my mom, though she pushed through it and enjoyed the views at the top.

Picking trips that satisfy all 3 of us (mom/dad/me) is proving quite difficult.

We met quite a few interesting folk at the hut, as one always does. A group of Chechs and Slovaks that brought along some homemade cherry vodka, a delightful two-year old named Danny that ran around the mess hall making friends with everyone, a group of ex-israeli military, some high-schoolers, and us.

The hike back down was just as brutal. I really wish it was twice as long and twice as flat. Straight up and down makes you feel like you're not making very much progress at all.

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