I Understand Garrison Keillor

Erin's 3 week music festival has kicked off, and I'm basically single right now. Always happy to go to eleven when I don't need to do things with other people, I spent 3 hours last night sprinting around a squash court followed by 3 hours today sprinting around a frisbee field. That's in addition to the bicycle ride to and from the courts and the fields. It's also been abnormally hot and humid out here, so I've been sweating like crazy.

In short, I was abso-freaking-lutely exhausted when I rolled in to our driveway at 6pm this evening. It felt fantastic. Out on the field today I had to reapply sunblock 5 times because I kept sweating it right back out. It was just that hot.

The reason I generally don't enjoy A Prairie Home Companion is that it's far too sedate, full of farmland navel-gazing. In my mid twenties there's just far too much energy for that sort of mental ambling about. But as I collapsed in a cold bath with a beer in my hand and the radio on I finally managed to get into the right mindset for Garrison Keillor.

I've been wonderfully relaxed all evening, but that change of taste was fleeting -- I listened to Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me while I washed some dishes.