When Will it Stop?

One of the things I've found is that I fill up all of my day-to-day life with exercise, games, and errands. It's a wonderful, full life. When 7 weeks straight have some kind of a family visit, however, I get 7 weeks of backup from my normal life's obligations. Also I'm moving in a couple weeks so apartment hunting is thrown in there somewhere. Also our car is acting up and definitely needs maintenance. Again

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I want it all the extra crap to stop. I want a normal week where I don't have to orchestrate logistics of getting two people to six apartment viewings with one car. A week where I can work without worrying over some awkward family dynamic. I want to come home and think only about whether I have time to go play squash. I don't want to go AWOL from a group of friends for nearly two months anymore.

Dear World,

Next time you conspire to throw three years worth of crap my way in one month I will be forced to flip out, give you the finger, and reschedule sometime in the future.



dajillster said...

i understand how you feel. plus, i have 4.5 months of crazy not-normal jordanian life to tack on to my busy-ness. where are you schedule & routine?!?

Alice said...

Been there...done that...finally it's summer...