Productivity Rules

I know many, many people out here in Silicon Valley who, despite being extremely bright in some areas, are stupid when it comes to being productive. Young, single males with ambition are incredibly likely to pull long hours and get at worst little sleep, and at best poorly-timed sleep. 

The basic rule of thumb is that If you are pulling > 40 hour weeks for more than a couple of months you're being less productive. "Not me", you say, " I was the smartest kid in my class and I have incredible mental endurance!"

Wrong. Even you, Mr. 1600 SAT, makes worse decisions after working 60 hours a week for a few months. For all the coders out there, think about it like this: How many genious decisions have you made at 3am after working for 15 hours? Now think about how many egregious hacks you wrote at 3am to get something out the door. Compare the two. I thought so.

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Alice said...

This is why I've made my students homework "Go to bed by 10pm" on several occasions. They get so tired that they are USELESS. Somewhere, there's a study of medical interns that shows the correlation between their sleep deprivation and how many wrong decisions they make.