Oh, Cañada

I had a checkup this morning at my periodontist to see how the gum surgery sites are progressing. They're doing just fine, and thankfully I'm feeling pretty good too. Good enough to finally get out and exercise after being housebound for quite a while. By which I mean I biked from the periodontist's office all the way to work along a route that is nowhere near direct but quite scenic. A map can me found here. There are some good climbs at the beginning and end of the ride as I go over the ridge in between the main population centers to the East and the resevoir and watershed to the West. The hilight was definitely the ride along cañada road right next to the resevoir with an untouched valley surrounding me. 
The bike ride ended up being 20 miles (including the ride to the periodontist), and it's clear that I've been a little lax in my exercise. My legs shouldn't feel this tired!


Alice said...

Derrick wants to know if you're watching the All-Stars skills right now.

Ben said...

I was unable to. I had a squash tournament that ran late Saturday.