I Have Vicodin

Well, I don't technically have it yet but I have a prescription for it. I just got home from some minor gum surgery. It was an interesting experience. Far and away the worst part was getting the shot of Novocaine to the roof of my mouth, which hurt worse than anything in recent memory. After that, however, it was just me lying back for an hour or so as the surgeon and her assistant went to work.

The bus ride back turned out to be much more eventful. At the stop where I waited to pick up the bus there was an elderly woman standing in the shade of a rather large sign. Seeing as there was room for at least 3 people in said shade I decided to wait there with her. Once I got within 4 feet, however, she started pacing around away from me mumbling about how "... oh sure just walk right up behind me not two inches away christ god almighty go right ahead and take the whole shade for yourself lousy young man I wouldn't have invaded your personal space like that why did that happen oh geeze...". Now, I had just come out of surgery but Novocaine and Ibuprofen were the only drugs I was under the effect of. I suspected she was quite crazy, so I went and hung out in some shade 40 feet away.

A nice little hilight to the end of the bus ride, however, was that I got to both use some Mandarin and help a kind old lady out (not the crazy one). She got on, and was talking to another rider in Mandarin about how tired she was and how the full bus was a pain with all her accoutrements. I was getting off the bus a few stops after she got on so I stood up up, surprised her with "Mam, would you like to sit down?" in her native tongue, and watch the confusion turn to comprehension, realization, and then the warm happiness that only the timeless face of eldery asians seem to manage.


squishsquash said...

Your cheeks are so cute and chubby!

Mike Machenry said...

I remember this one time I was on a bus and this woman started yelling at me and calling me loser. She was speaking in a very upset tone like I'd done something wrong. It was kind of disrupting people on the bus so I started talking to my friend and what we thought was triggering it. It's interesting how it doesn't seem weird to talk about those people and strategies for getting them to be quite right in front of them where they can plainly hear you. It doesn't seem weird because they won't ever actually directly respond to you if you do address them. We ended up figuring out what it was. Some perception of personal space a well. I think if I leaded all the way forward in my seat she was quite. Enjoy the Vicodin.