Skiing Big White
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After several months in the sunny suburban sprawl of Silicon Valley, we finally got our first rain. It poured for almost three days here, and the news started carrying stories about how this will turn into the first big snowfall of the year for California's ski resorts. I felt my first yearning for some good skiing in a long, long time.

One thing I've always noticed is that there's something that makes me subtlety happier whenever I'm around mountains -- especially on them. I remember growing up in New Hampshire and how during my elementary school years my dad and I would take days to go skiing at local resorts. I remember the school trips I would take to the local ski areas on Friday afternoons in January. I remember waking up at 4am on the weekends excited to get to the slopes as soon as they opened.

Living out here on the west coast I really hope I can someday move close enough to the mountains so that popping out on a weekend with good weather is almost heading out into my backyard.


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