Day 8 of my vacation: Crappity Crappity Crap.

Most of you are aware that my vacation got cut short by a day of travel hell on the embarking leg. It has now been effectively cut short by two days on the returning leg too. Alex, whom I was hoping to meet up with on Friday and Saturday had his return flight from Indiana to Boston cancelled and delayed so that he doesn't get back until midnight the night before I have an 8 am flight.

All my friends that have couches to crash on in Boston are out of town, so I've had the impoverishing joy of treating myself to two nights at hotels in a city that I enjoy but devoid of people I want to see.

And I'm hungover.

Best. Vacation. Ever.

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ehurson said...

Poor Ben... don't worry, you'll be home soon and we will have a totally awesome New Year week. And by totally awesome, I mean that it won't be totally crappy and you won't be stuck in freakin' airports anymore!