Day 8 of my vacation: Crappity Crappity Crap.

Most of you are aware that my vacation got cut short by a day of travel hell on the embarking leg. It has now been effectively cut short by two days on the returning leg too. Alex, whom I was hoping to meet up with on Friday and Saturday had his return flight from Indiana to Boston cancelled and delayed so that he doesn't get back until midnight the night before I have an 8 am flight.

All my friends that have couches to crash on in Boston are out of town, so I've had the impoverishing joy of treating myself to two nights at hotels in a city that I enjoy but devoid of people I want to see.

And I'm hungover.

Best. Vacation. Ever.

Day 1 of my Vacation: Crappity Crap

I was supposed to leave for Boston today. My plans, it seemed, were not meant to work out. Last night I decided to stay up late so that I could crash on my cross-country flight and sleep through most of it. In the morning I made it to the airport with plenty of time, but in a rather groggy state. I go about checking in and find that there's been change to my intenerary, and in my groggy state all that I notice is that the flight is leaving an hour later, which is fine. I press to complete my check-in and I'm greeted with an error message saying that the earliest I can check in is 24 hours before my flight departs. "Wait a minute", I think, "my flight leaves in two hours, what's going on?".

The flight that I was now booked on was leaving in two days. My original flight was cancelled. Let me put it nicely and say that I was not in the best of moods, especially considering I was scooting about on four hours of sleep. I spent the next 3 hours in the airport going through lines and pleading with receptionists at various carriers. Air Canada seemed to be staffed with very helpful people that got me on a plane a day earlier than I would have done with American. And this time I get to make a decently long layover in Toronto! 

In the end this will all be water under the bridge and I'll be enjoying myself in New England by tomorrow night. However, Boston is slated to get some more snow so I could get stranded in Toronto. Maybe I can sneak in a hockey game? 


Skiing Big White
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After several months in the sunny suburban sprawl of Silicon Valley, we finally got our first rain. It poured for almost three days here, and the news started carrying stories about how this will turn into the first big snowfall of the year for California's ski resorts. I felt my first yearning for some good skiing in a long, long time.

One thing I've always noticed is that there's something that makes me subtlety happier whenever I'm around mountains -- especially on them. I remember growing up in New Hampshire and how during my elementary school years my dad and I would take days to go skiing at local resorts. I remember the school trips I would take to the local ski areas on Friday afternoons in January. I remember waking up at 4am on the weekends excited to get to the slopes as soon as they opened.

Living out here on the west coast I really hope I can someday move close enough to the mountains so that popping out on a weekend with good weather is almost heading out into my backyard.


Launching Off

I'm about to start rebuilding a decent chunk of code at work that I've been working on the past couple of months. I had no hand in creating this beast originally -- its horrid architecture is no fault of my own. And we have finally hit a spot where the framework is halting further development. Thankfully there's a silver lining.

Rebuilding pieces of software is generally a bad idea, and means the developer is being lazy with regards to learning how an existing system works. However, in the few chances when it's a good idea you have the opportunity to fix old mistakes -- rebuild anew. It's a bit like redemption for software. While I'm sure I'll get frustrated later on, right now I feel as if I'm launching off of the old and weathered in to the clean and open.

Gas for Under Two Dollars! Forget Energy Independence!

On my bike to work today I saw two stations that had gasoline for under $2. While this reflects a signifigant drop in the demand for gasoline (hooray!), I only hope that most Americans won't revert back to their methods that caused the spike in gas prices in the first place.