Proposition Huh?

In California this year there is a Proposition to amend the California constitution stating that marriage is only between a man and a woman. I've seen a lot of silly advertising on both sides since it's such a highly-charged issue. Things have gotten dirty as voting day approaches, as you could expect when one side sees their religious views under fire while the other sees bigotry nearly put into our state's constitution. Claims on both sides have been crazy, but minutely based in truth.

In a word, bullshit.

One good thing about the past 8 political years is that I've developed a sophisticated bullshit radar. It's so strong that I have just learned to turn off any program "covering" news save the ones that make fun. My radar failed me today when I couldn't ignore an online advertisement that completely took the cake. 

Marriage is between a woman and a man?
... that woman and man?
Vote Yes on Proposition 8 so Joe Biden and Sarah Palin get married?

What the hell?

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