An ear-splitting bang sounded out around 2pm this afternoon at the office. A woman shrieked, thinking a gun had been fired. I can't blame her because it was just that loud. I wasn't scared, however, because I had heard the sound of a bicycle tire burst before. I had left my bike within 10 feet of a window, and the sun had just lined up to cook the air inside the tires of my bike this afternoon.

I headed out to the nearest bike shop, a 3 mile roundtrip walk, to get replacement parts. It wasn't cheap, either because it wasn't just the inner tubing that burst but the external tire, too. It's not cheap to get a replacement for a very specific kind of racing tire.

And to top it all off the walk to the bike shop goes through what could courteusly described as low-income housing. I got rushed by three large dogs (hooray for fences), and almost got peed on by another through a fence if I hadn't noticed the raised leg and dodged away.

Fun day, especially when you've only had 3 hours of sleep because you like video games too much.

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