Getting out of the Moral Matrix

I posted a TED talk a while back without much explanation about what it was, other than it was talking about "... the real difference between Liberals and Conservatives." and nobody watched it as far as I can tell. A headline like that coupled with what people probably expect of my political views easily led to the impression that the talk is just one-sided rhetoric. That was my fault -- I packaged it misguidingly.

As we are now just a few weeks away from a critically important election with political tempers at a fever pitch, I implore you to take some time and watch this talk. It is not politically charged, but instead gives a powerful case for how liberal and conservative forces act in unison to progress societies. Watch it and respect the basis of the political views from the other side of the tracks.

edit: it appears a few people had watched it the first time. 


Lady DrkElf said...

I watched it. It was interesting :)

Course, I watched it a week or two ago and now can't remember why I found in interesting...

Brady said...

Yeah, I watched it too. I'm just a lurker at heart.