I Suppose it Was Inevitable

Sarah Palin and John McCain certainly make an interesting ticket for the Republicans. After the American voter gave them a failing grade with the 06 congressional elections a ticket that is supposedly a conservative brand of change is a clever strategy.

The RNC needs to convince people that they can reform themselves. After watching some of the Republican Convention's speeches I noticed they were railing against the usual Straw Men: Librul Judges, Librul Media, Arugala Eaters, People That Will Force You to be Gay,  and so on. John McCain and Sarah Palin would reform these Librul Pussies. This is all pretty laughable, from a purely rational standpoint, but we all know that elections rarely operate on rationality.

My fear is that this works. That it will convince people who don't look at what is being used to back up the titles of "Reformer" or "Maverick" (read: nothing since 2000) that John McCain and Sarah Palin will indeed bring change to the country.

The Obama campaign is trying to shed some light: (cnn article)

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