The Upside of Biking

Despite the previous post, I've spent the past few days really enjoying bicycling. This may have something to do with my new bike which is very much not a PoS like the one I mentioned earlier. This time it's brand new, made completely of carbon fiber, and was fitted for me when I purchased it.

It was certainly expensive, but I ride 12+ miles a day commuting to work so the benefits are worth the money. The carbon frame and slightly-wider tires dampen a lot of the vibration that you find riding on the road grid from pebbles and cracks. The handlebar is also a little bit raised so I'm not bent so far forward that I can't see the cars around me. And good lord is it light. I accelerate out of stoplights faster than most cars, and it makes climbing hills much nicer.

I made a map of some of the routes I use to get to and from work. Click here to have a look at it. One of these times I'll bring my camera along to get some views of the SF Peninsula hills. I get chills and shocks at how lucky I am to live here each time I go riding in them.

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ehurson said...

hahaha... I got home to Seattle and everyone in my family knew more about your bike routes that I did!