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Hello, whirlwind. The frequency of activity is still what it was on the trip, but now there's a lot of heavy lifting, too! In the past 4 days Erin and I have:
  • signed a lease
  • rented a uhaul
  • drove to a storage facility and moved our stuff in to our uhaul
  • bought 10 pieces of necessary furniture from Ikea
  • unloaded all of our stuff (old and new) in to our new apartment.
  • constructed 10 pieces of furniture
  • re-bought all the non-essentials we gave away in Cambridge
  • unpacked an apartment
  • took the train in to SF
  • went to a july 4th party
  • spent the night in SF with Hilary
  • walked around 6 miles in SF wandering and book shopping
  • had an internet connection set up.

We live in a very serene spot that makes me feel happy. But god damn am I exhausted. We're up on the fourth floor with a balcony looking in to a lovely grove. My arms are still pretty sore from carrying all of our moving boxes across said grove.

Maybe I need to take a day off and go sit by one of the two pools in our complex or read in the park next door. Oh wait, Kurt's throwing a party in downtown SF tonight.

Back on the whirlwind. One of these days I'll be able to sit down and digest what happened in this first week.

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