Stayin' Alive!

Stayin' Alive!
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The past few days have been very taxing. Pushing through arguments where armies of minute assumptions had amassed making fine details build up to a volcano. Really, really important stuff has been worked out, and will continue to be worked on. For awesome. Such effort is expended, however. It's worth it but hoowee are we tired. We had just the energy for a few hours of sightseeing today.

The grand palace and temples of Bangkok are what would have happened if Emeril Lagasse went back to the 1700s and 1800s with a football stadium of spice, yelled "BAM!" a few thousand times, and took the intensity of everything up a few thousand notches. There are no grand spaces. Every temple is gilded to the hilt, often literally and they can be found no more than 15 feet from each other. Walls ambush you with bright reds and shiny gold leaf. Statues await you around every corner and on every balustrade. It's really quite overwhelming in a wonderful way. It makes you focus on the statuary more than the overall composition of the temples (was there any?) because then the images are digestible.

Both Erin and I have dozens of new photos, be sure to check them out using the links to our flickr accounts on the right.

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ehurson said...

I LOVE your Emeril analogy. It's absolutely perfect. :-D