Serendipity and Bungalows

Erin and I got out of Kampot this morning and were swiftly rewarded with one of Cambodia's most lovely spots, Sihanoukville. We're staying at a lovely little bungalow that is 30m up a hillside overlooking a 2-mile stretch of white sand, beach chairs, and thatched roof restaurants. It's called Serendipity beach, and it's no misnomer.

The picture on the right is literally our little set of bungalows. Being a little higher up like that gives us a lovely ocean breeze. Erin and I just lay in the bed with the windows and porch door open for about 4 hours and dozed in and out of conciousness. Life's not so bad.

It's worth noting that as I type this from the internet cafe I can look up and see the early-evening calm surf slowly lap up on the beach sands. The water is no more than 40 feet away.

There are loads of good restaurants to try while we're here. I can't wait to dive in to the slow, relaxed week or so ahead of us.

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