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He's making a run for it!
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My mom read my previous post about not getting much adventure and said quite clearly that I should just go running on the beach. I'm not much one for running on its own but yesterday evening off I went. I'm not sure quite how far it was but I was out for 40 minutes at a pretty good pace. It wasn't all that fun (running is still kinda boring to me, even on a pretty beach) but it felt great to get out and go.

The basic idea that I need periodic wild excursions is empirically proven by my own experiences time and again. On this trip Erin and I have literally been doing everything together until here in Sihanoukville. My little excursion yesterday made me feel much more alive, and all I did was run off on some sand. Today was a little more to form.

We rented a motorbike and shot down some nearly abandoned roads (the low tourist season here is really, really low) to Cantina del Mar, which apparently serves up some good Mexican food. Well, they defintely serve up some fresh fish and shrimp tacos on warm, homemade corn tacos, but that wasn't the hilight of our jaunt down to the empty beaches.

For me the hilight was an exhilirating dip in to the turbulent storm waters of the ocean. 'Turbulent' here just means the waves got up to only about 4 feet at most but it was a rush to body surf on them anyway. And it was completely pouring the whole way through.

Erin read on the papazon chairs at the restaurant. I think we both chose the right activity for ourselves.

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ehurson said...

Ben _really_ needed to go out and take a run... good advice, Jill!