Happily Out of Balance

Erin's younger sister and boyfriend are off traveling for the summer as well, but mostly rock climbing for the entire time. What Erin described yesterday as exercise for us was described as a rest day for them: Snorkeling.

Taken in relative context I don't think Erin's description of exercise is that far off. We've mostly stuck to restaurants, motorbikes, and internet cafes in between sightseeing. It's not been boring, certainly, but I have noticed a slight migration of body mass from my legs and arms to my midsection. I'm not talking about building a six-pack, either.

I'm not complaining, you see, just thinking. Anyone who's met me should have a very clear idea of how much I like adventuring; physical adventuring. The trip we've been on so far has been full of great stuff (really great stuff), but I can't get out of my head how much fun it would have been to make our 3 days of light walking in the Vietnamese mountains into 3 days of serious hiking and camping.

That's not our trip, though. When traveling with another person, you have to plan for aggregate happiness. Days of strenuous hiking would almost definitely make Erin miserable. If not the insane pace and trails that I like to pick, the food would turn her off for good. Freeze dried food saves on pack space and weight.

I'll continue to enjoy my trip as it appeals to specific things in my likes and dislikes, but when I get back to CA I will be out of balance. My desire for exotic food and pretty sights will be quite a bit saturated. I will most likely be wanting for computers, trekking, and the company of other geeks.

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