Mountains and Waterfalls

I want to go Swimming
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The first thing Erin and I did after walking around our guest house in Chiang Mai was rent a motorbike. I decided to drive to the nearby mountain and see what happened. A national park happened. After 20 minutes or so on the bike the road turned from flat and straight in to steep and winding up the side of a mountain. There was lush foliage all around us the whole way up.

It was getting a little dark (6pm or so) so we turned off when we saw signs for a waterfall instead of continuing all the way to the summit. After a little trip down a side road we came upon a long series of cascades and waterfalls. I was in my element again -- the natural sights. There were paths going up the waterfalls that Erin and I hiked for a little bit, but it was getting dark and we headed home. It's really, really beautiful here.

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