motobikes are fun!

We've rented a motobike to scoot around the town and visit the various beaches today as Sihanoukville is pretty spread out. So far we're pretty darn sure that we have one of the best locations on the best beach. Not so bad.

One of the other beaches had something unkind in store for Erin. After standing a couple of minutes on some grass near the sand some rather large, red ants dug their pincers in to both her sandals and her feet. After some shrieking and some violently quick removal of shoes and ants we decided to get the hell out of there and go to another beach. It was mostly walled off by a private resort, but one end wasn't and it was almost deserted save for three other people. It wasn't that pretty, though.

We left pretty quick to go back to the center of town (not near any beach, just sorta in the middle of them all) and get lunch at another NGO. Without fail the NGO's have served some of the best food throughout Cambodia.

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