Little Touches

Erin Loves Steamed Rice
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When a restaurant calls itself a "lovetaurant" one initially grimaces. Then you go inside and see the nice ambiance. You see the steamed rice served in the shape of a carebear. You see the total on the check written in pink and circled in a heart.

It was a very affectionate place. And the food was fantastic to boot.


ehurson said...
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ehurson said...

Oh, I do not initially grimace. I think "lovetaurant? That is FANTASTIC! We must eat here, if only to reward the genius of whoever came up with that name!", which is pretty much the story of how we came to eat lunch here. :-)

It also was a surprisingly classy place... not kitchy at all. All the little touches were just amusing instead of cheesy.

And they did have some seriously KICK ASS pad thai.