Homeward Bound, But not Yet

Erin and I have precisely one week before we land back in California, and it's starting to affect our mindsets. Thoughts of setting up an apartment, finding a car, exploring the parks, grocery shopping, and cooking our own food are dangerously close to distracting us from our last week spent in the relatively remote mountainous region of Northen Thailand.

We've just arrived in Pai, which has become something of a artist/hippy traveler's mini-mecca. Everywhere you look you can find cozy bungalows, bars, or art/trinket shops. The surrounds are very pretty with steep mountain ranges within a few kiliometers in every direction and a quiet river running through town. One can easily see how artists like to come here and "re-center", or something -- the landscape alone can easily give you a sense of removal from the burdens and obligations of whatever life you came from. I just hope Erin and I won't be too distracted by where we're going to while we're here.

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