Cooking Class!

Amok... I made it myself!
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Arriving in Battambang... second biggest city in Cambodia, but very little to do in the city.

We took a solid cooking class where we learned to make some very tasty dishes and met a couple of travelers from England and Holland. Outside of checking out the market (where we bought more lovely cloth) that's about all there is to do for a tourist in the city.

The cooking class itself was really interesting. I ate a cockroach after expressing interest in what they tasted like to the chef teaching us. He promptly went and fetched one for me. They don't really taste like anything, to be honest, just the charcoal they were grilled over. As the chef said, if you starve an entire nation for 5 years like the Khmer Rouge did then you turn them all in to omnivores. After all, if you can either eat cockroaches or die you've got a pretty easy decision to make.

Good times, really tasty food, and now I know how to cook it!

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