I found that I'm having a hard time wanting to do anything but chill out on the beach. The sun is nice, the breeze is nice, the food is right on the water, and the water itself is criminally comforting. I haven't strayed more than a couple hundred meters from the beach yet, and that's only been two evening excursions. I'd guess that my average distance from the water for the past day and a half has been at most 60 feet.

See, there's a wonderful lethargy that overcomes you at a picturesque tropical beach with high humidity. I didn't really do anything today, and it felt wonderful. I woke up around 9:15am and ate a slow breakfast until about 10. After that Erin and I languidly wandered in the water until just before noon when she went in to town. All I did was check email and read news online (at the beach), read my book in a hammock until 1pm, eat lunch, and then nap in the afternoon until 4pm.

Erin had returned for the nap, and then we went for a sunset walk. The sunsets here are fan-freaking-tastic. The whole sky rips open with bright red, pinks, and oranges in the warm dusk. I'll be sure to capture some photos of it in the near future.

It's super-corny, and clearly the kind of stuff my industrial self back in wintry Cambridge would have scoffed at, but here on the beach Life is Good.

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