Dirty Old Men

There are generally 4 kinds of travelers here.
1) Young adult backpackers
2) Middle-aged families
3) Asian tour groups
4) Dirty old men.

Not surprisingly it's the Dirty Old Men (DOM) that are far and away the sketchiest. They dress like dirty rednecks (old, faded tank tops and t-shirts advertising beer). They drink like nothing else.

We sat next to one at dinner last night. He was very drunk and wouldn't stop talking ('swearing' is more like it) at us. After he established that we were from America he promptly said the following:

America is shit. Your president is shit. Mark my word. America will be 3rd-world country soon. They are shit.

Our current president I could maybe agree with, but a third-world country? Read a newspaper. I couldn't help but notice a myopic French accent.

A few minutes of silence and then he says:
Hey, sorry about what I said earlier, but I do whatever the fuck I want and say whatever the fuck I want.
Under my breath I muttered "I noticed".

This was after I helped him email a song to someone. He was pretty ignorant of the basic idea of "email attachments". Here's the kicker: Erin thinks that was the guy who she saw earlier complain about how a young boy owed him his $50 back and how he wasn't afraid of the police or anybody else.

Dirty Old Men suck.

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