Siem Reap, I'll Miss You

Sunset on West Mebon
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Erin and I left Siem Reap, the city by the temples of Angkor, this very morning. Goodbye to what was probably our favorite spot on the trip so far, even though we both got sick during our week there.

For our last evening we went up to Phnom Bakeng (Mount Bakeng), atop which sits a moderately-size temple by Angkor's standards. It was about 30 meters high. With the hundred or so other tourists up on the top we watched the sun go through the most spectacular light show I have ever seen.

I took 36 photos of the sky, and each one beautiful. Unfortunately we are in Battambang now, which is not much of a tourist spot despite being the second-largest city in Cambodia. Consequently the internet connection doesn't appear to be the best so i can only share a couple of photos at a time.

Tomorrow we go for a cooking class and a tour 'round the nearby countryside on motorbikes, and then on to Phnom Penh for a little bit before heading to the Cambodian coast.

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