Safe and Warm

bangkok street
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Arrived safe and sound in Bangkok last night. 27 hours of planes and layovers after just 3 hours of sleep can be taxing. Lets hear it for Cathay Pacific, which made all the flights quite pleasant. Having two full meals, periodic snacks, and on-demand TV shows and movies makes a 16-hours flight from New York to Hong Kong manageable.

After arriving in Bangkok we had our first little tussle with the local economy. We bartered over taxi prices from the airport to our hotel. I love it already. The air is rich with humidity and the smells of street-food stands. Last night after arriving at our hostel Erin and I went out on to the street and had some fantastic fried rice, and then slept for about 12 hours.

This morning it's sunny and 80 degrees, so the quick-drying hiking shorts and shirts I picked up are paying off in spades. Erin got a chocolate croissant for breakfast, despite me imploring her to wait a day until we're in a former French colony (Vietnam) to try the pastries. I had pad thai for breakfast -- it cost $0.80 and it was fantastic.

We've only got another 5 hours until we go back to the airport to fly to Hanoi, so we'll go look at a local park on the rive here in Bangkok, wander the markets, and then head out to the airport.

And for the record, I'm going to drop my megapixel count from 7 to 3 (or maybe 5). It's taking about 30 minutes for 5 photos at 7MP.

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