On Something

In what I think is clearly an episode of me showing my solidarity with Erin in her trying times with an illness, I was chivalrous enough to contract the disease myself. Now, I didn't want to steal the limelight, of course, so I gave her a 3 day head start before coming down with the symptoms.

Imitating her precise method for dealing with the illness I have spent most of the day in our room reading and resting. Inventing my own method would be rather uppity, don't you think? Much as she let me go off and do boy things like ride a bycicle 30k while she was sick, I let her go off and do girl things like shopping.

In keeping with how our respective illness brought out the gender roles in us, while home I managed to find something interesting on television. The World Team Video Gaming Championships. For an hour I saw some of the most heavily produced competitive sports television of our times. Video games get a lot of rap for not being a true sport, but surely this display of colorful excitement will change that once and for all. Some hilights that surely drew the viewer in to the action:
  • Each player was referred to as their gaming nickname. It wasn't John versus Brad, but KRUSHER versus MAGNETIK!
  • Each event was started by a scantily clad bimbo waving a green flag!
  • Periodically we would glimpse a picture-in-picture view of the competitor's facial expression and see the exquisite level at which these athletes hide any and all emotion from their opponents. Their faces were sheer drywall!
  • The gaming arenas were fully decked out in flashing lights and colors the likes of which TV games shows have never approached out of a limited sense of decency!

It was, clearly, an event for the ages.

Yes, I'm feeling quite medicated right now.

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