Bike Ride

Bike Ride
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I took the free bicycle rental from our guesthouse for a spin yesterday. It was fantastic!

Erin was quite sick from a head cold and decided to stay in and rest. It's probably best, since I was shooting along for about 5 hours and 30 kilometers. It's very freeing to go along and be able to adventure down any road or path you see. It's even better when nearly all of them take you by rivers, jungle, and/or fascinating temples.

What was also nice is that if I kept going at a good pace on the bike I never felt too hot. The breeze made it seem civil when the real tempurature was pushing 100 and as humid as a, well, jungle. Oh god did I ever start sweating when I pulled over to check out a temple or take a picture. It would take all of 45 seconds for sweat to drip all the way down my forearms and off my pinky.

Lovely stuff.

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