Patriot's Day!

almost there!
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I had never been much of a Boston Marathon spectator before. While I certainly had a lot of respect for those with the mental fortitude to pound away on asphalt for 3+ hours I never thought that watching them would be very entertaining. In keeping with my attempt to go around and do all the "Boston" things before I move off to San Francisco I was persuaded by my girlfriend and parents to come watch the race.

Cheering on the stragglers for 2 hours was some of the most fun I've had in a long, long while. It feels fantastic to see their sweaty, grimace-ridden faces perk up, smile, and get an extra spring in their step as they hear their name called out and cheered. While it's nothing in comparison to the runners' effort, I probably helped shave about 30 seconds of a half-dozen people's running times this afternoon. And that felt fantastic.

Final note: Good lord were the magnolia trees out in full force! Click on the image here to see my entire photostream and all the wondrous color there was today!

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