Vivir en el Mekong

Vivir en el Mekong
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I was filling out an online form at the department of state, informing them when and where I will be so I can be contacted in case of emergency when something hit me.

It's official.

It's real.

It's in one week.


sooo excited!

Patriot's Day!

almost there!
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I had never been much of a Boston Marathon spectator before. While I certainly had a lot of respect for those with the mental fortitude to pound away on asphalt for 3+ hours I never thought that watching them would be very entertaining. In keeping with my attempt to go around and do all the "Boston" things before I move off to San Francisco I was persuaded by my girlfriend and parents to come watch the race.

Cheering on the stragglers for 2 hours was some of the most fun I've had in a long, long while. It feels fantastic to see their sweaty, grimace-ridden faces perk up, smile, and get an extra spring in their step as they hear their name called out and cheered. While it's nothing in comparison to the runners' effort, I probably helped shave about 30 seconds of a half-dozen people's running times this afternoon. And that felt fantastic.

Final note: Good lord were the magnolia trees out in full force! Click on the image here to see my entire photostream and all the wondrous color there was today!

Ferry Corsten

Ferry Corsten
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It's 2:30am. I just got back from a fantastic night of euphoric clubbing that I am yet to come down from. There is such fantastic energy in the music of Ferry Corsten. And as you can tell from this photo he loves every minute of it as much as every bouncing, dancing fan.

Trance music, at it's core, says something about how the world could be -- about harmonies and melodies melding together reaching at something beautiful that connects us with energy, sound and rhythm. That somewhere at the heart of conflict's discord there is a beautiful energy that makes the hardest of enemies bubbly with joy.

Metaphysical hodgepodge, certainly, but I know no other form of expression that really hits at how I feel after a great night.

I Should be Tired and Hungry

I Got Second!
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I spent the past three days playing in the 2008 national skill levels competition. Lots of really hard sprinting around squash courts. Even a couple of drinks on the night before the finals (which I was in).

And right now I feel energetic without any excessive hunger. Frankly I'm a little confused.

Unintentionally Metaphoric

six husbands
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I stumbled upon this photo of mine from 2006 that shows me in an accidental act of metaphor; ascending a steep incline but looking on to the next challenge. I've been told by several people many times that I push too far, too fast.

It's not that I consciously push myself against my own instincts that cry out for rest but that I am pushed by nature. It is an intrinsic property to who I am.

The urge is not unlike being hungry. It is ever-present and drives my actions -- pushing me harder, better, faster, stronger.

Some Days You Feel Like an Ass

I never really got the hang of not joking about taboo subjects. I don't think I'll ever want to as taboos are merely things you can't say. A coworker of mine is married to a man named Jack. At a meeting today where we all give reports on what we did on the previous day, she emphatically said the following:

"Yesterday I did jack."

Ahhhhhh taboo humor. Amusement all around.