My First Death of a Scene

This is a first taste of getting older. I'm not sure if I like it. Up to now the music I listened to -- the common emotional strands I shared with the artists and others -- were what you read about in the news. It was what was current.

The late 90's and early 00's saw unabashed ambition and exuberance. We had powered through in to a bright new era of technology and wonder. 9/11, terrible as it was, shouldn't have caused a giant ripple effect. More people would die from car accidents that year. We would adjust our foreign policy a little, and keep on roaring through. It was just a blip in the collective subconcious.

But reality and it's difficulties caught up with us. The well trodden path of humanity. Fresh faced youth would fix the world if not for the few fanatics poisoning from all sides. We see instead that most people walk blind from urge, rationalized after the fact. And we must deal with this but not ourselves be tained.

And we realize that our ideas, our hopes would mostly fall on the bulwark of regress. That something is wrong with us all and it's by sheer determination that we progress at all. Each new generation charging against the entrenched miniguns of ritualized slog, crying afterwards that we made landfall at all.