not so distinguished
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In response to my previous post, I created a new concoction out of rum, cranberry juice, and concentrated lime juice. This picture is more indicative of how I feel now.


pillow face
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This is how I feel when nobody gets back to me for 10 days after a meeting that I felt went well. And when they do finally get around to letting me know all they can say is "We don't know. We'll tell you in 2-3 weeks".

Amazon and Macy*s Learn How to Dance. Feet are stepped on

  • January 9th - I place an order through Amazon's marketplace with Macy*s
  • January 16th - I receive a notice from Macy*s saying my order has shipped
  • January 22nd - Amazon emails me to tell me they have refunded the order
  • January 23rd - I receive a second notice from Macy*s saying my order has shipped

    Do I get free shoes now?
  • halo effect

    halo effect, originally uploaded by inqurious.

    Something I took while out on a drive with the girlfriend. We purposefully drove off in to the hills west of Silicon Valley for a bit of Saturday Afternoon Adventure. The sun came too.

    tiny color

    tiny color, originally uploaded by drkelf.

    She knows how to use lighting