Apathy and Aspirations

I don't really care for what I'm working on anymore. The software product that I am working on is loaded with potentially fascinating projects, all of which are necessary in the long run. But our priorities seem to be mostly driven by which person over in Product is loudest and most repetitive, thinking they are designing the application when in fact they are merely suggesting designs. The relationship between designs and designing is merely a subset of plans and planning: The (design|plan)s are mostly useless, but (design|plan)ing is indispensable.

I have such high aspirations for any software I'm working on. I have a tendency to immediately try and see the general problem at work and solve that. It's not ego, it's laziness. I may as well create something that solves as many problems as possible in one-go. The projects I currently work on at my current job reek more of apathy than aspirations.

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